Welcome to Call-Ai API's Documentation - Your gateway to seamless integration and enhanced voice communication capabilities. Let's explore the power of Call-Ai API's and revolutionize your applications with advanced AI-enabled voice functionalities.

User Management

The Call-Ai Users API provides developers with a streamlined method to manage user data and access controls within your application. It offers functionalities to create user, edit user, create teams ,manage teams ,assign roles ,manage audit logs in parallel to authentication and authorization, ensuring a secure and personalized user experience.

DID Number Management

The Call-Ai Number API's simplifies number management and enhance your communication systems with ease. The Number API's unlock the potential to search, purchase, configure for DID (Direct Inward Dial) numbers and configure TTS(Text to Speech) and ASR(Automated Speech Recognition) using the Call AI RESTful API

VoiP/SMS Integrations

The Call-Ai Integration API's allows you to integrate your existing telephony gateway like cisco, avaya and genesys with Call-Ai VoiP gateway ,create and configure sip trunk to route your incoming and outgoing traffic and configure VoiP numbers, attach them to virtual agents, and set up ASR and TTS features effortlessly.

DVA (Digital Virtual Assistant​)

The Call-Ai Digital Virtual Agent API's allows developers to seamlessly create and configure virtual agents using predefined Call-Ai templates which can be customized as per your process requirements. It provides an RESTful API's to create, manage, and customize virtual agents.

Voice Call

The Call-Ai Voice API's provides developers with a powerful set of tools to integrate voice calling functionality into their applications. This comprehensive documentation will guide you through the process of making and receiving calls, managing call resources, and handling various voice-related features using the Call AI RESTful API.

Voice Campaign

The Call-Ai Calling Campaign API's empower developers to efficiently manage and execute calling campaigns within their applications. These APIs offer functionalities for creating, scheduling, and monitoring outbound call campaigns, enabling effective communication with targeted audiences.

Reporting & Analytics

The Call-Ai Reporting API's enables the user to retrieve various types of data and metrics for business and analytics reports related to DVA conversations using Call-Ai RESTful API's . It provides access to call transactions including CDR, call transcripts, call recordings and and other key performance metrices to integrate into your application or 3rd party BI tools.