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Complete View of the Patient Matters

Shifting toward value-based care requires providers to evolve the way they coordinate to deliver care across multiple organizations and specialties. With this transition comes the need for a complete view of each patient to provide quality care and communication.

Reduced Readmissions

Call ai manages patient and provider schedules and delivers appointment updates so every visit is on time and successful

Drive Patient Engagement

Use providers’ time more efficiently to serve more patients while reducing costs from paperwork, missed visits, and manual efforts.

Enhanced HCAHPS scores

Send actionable, closed-loop appointment reminders to patients that update in the EHR in real-time.

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Empower patients to take charge

Pandemic or not, no one enjoys waiting rooms, filling out forms, and ordering prescriptions.

Personalize the consumer experience

Healthcare organizations can use consumer health data to better engage patients and their caregivers, ultimately driving better clinical outcomes. Creating a true omnichannel experience that is unified and unique to each customer.

Working toward greater interoperability

Connected systems promote better quality and continuity of care. More than that, connecting each member of a patient’s team and sharing needed resources keeps patients out of the hospital and leading healthier lives.

Encourage Patient Engagement

Connect  with patients anywhere, anytime not just when they have an immediate concern.

Call Ai  patient engagement Platform with AI based Digital Humans and Care tools let you give your patients the convenient in-person  and online  experience they both expect and need, while you continue to provide exceptional care, drive loyalty, and boost your bottom line.

Patient 360

Every patient has unique needs. Having access to their complete medical history on a single consolidated 360 view enables healthcare providers to deliver personalised medical services at scale.

  • Consolidated patient data from across sources: EMRs, insights from caregivers, wearable devices, etc. onto a cloud-based platform
  • Equipping patients, providers, caregivers, and partners with access to critical information whenever needed.
  • Enabling healthcare teams to collaborate seamlessly from a single point of engagement that offers access to all the patients’ data

Patient journey in connect care

Call ai’s connected care Platform helps healthcare providers to offer connected and hyper personalised patient engagement. A patient gets complete 24/7 access to healthcare facilities through their preferred channels – AI based phone calls , WhatsApp, and other social channels without delay.

Our Platform interoperability helps patients experience seamless transitions and connected experiences across service providers and channels of interaction.

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